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Download Mirzapur Season 2 All Episodes In HD Quality

Download Mirzapur Season 2 All Episodes In HD Quality Full Movie. and Available in Multiple Format 480p 720p 1080p 4k HD Hevc x264 and x265 . This Movies Genre is Based on Adventure, Animation, Comedy, HIndi Dubbed,Hollywood Movies in Hindi Dubbed. This Film/Movie Also Available in Dual Audio.

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Download Mirzapur Season 2 All Episodes in HD Quality 8.5

Download Mirzapur Season 2 All Episodes In HD Quality

Download Mirzapur Season2 All Episodes in HD Quality

Mirzapur Series is on Amazon Prime video & Produce By Excxel Entertainment

1 Episode "Dhenkul"

Munna and Guddu have nightmares of being killed by each other. The Chief Minister reprimands his brother JP Yadav for the wedding massacre. Dimpy, Golu and Guddu have gone underground. They survive being caught by a policeman, who wishes to kill Guddu and earn his reward from Kaleen Bhaiya. JP Yadav wants to punish Munna for the wedding massacre by putting him behind bars, and gives Kaleen Bhaiya 24 hours to hand him over. Shaken by Sweety's death, Parsuram ask Maurya for help, but Maurya says that he has lost his courage. Bauji stalks an unwell Beena. Lala bides his time. Sharad becomes the Don of Jaunpur.

Download All Episodes of Mirzapur Season 2

Guddu and Golu get initial help from an ambulance driver. Later they get assistance from Babur who happens to be Maqbool's nephew. Kalin bhaiya skips JP and goes directly to the CM and where he sacrifices Lalit as the 'khargosh' (rabbit, a sacrificial animal) for the killings done in the wedding by Munna, So that police can show that they caught and eliminated the perpetrators.

Akhanda consults a doctor about his issues in bed. Dimpy asks Shabnam to let Guddu talk to Lala once ,the later pair up. Guddu gets people to sell opium without informing Kaleen Bhaiya and they cut him off. Beena announces her pregnancy,lies to Bauji saying it's his child. Dimpy is off to Lucknow. Guddu invests his money to someone he meets in Lucknow - Robin. Munna arranged an attack at Lala's and Guddu deals with it,sending back the attackers teeth as a threat to the Tripathis

Download Mirzapur Season2 Download

For the first time ,Golu and Guddu grieve over the death of their family. Munna begins the rallies with the widowed daughter of the CM, Madhuri. They pair later gets high together. Guddu finds Robin in Dimpy's room he was helping her with studies. Golu meets Bihari, Shatranganj Tyagi when she goes to Robin for investing the money. Kaleen bhaiya finds out about the Guddu's opium distribution. Sharad Shukla and Munna share a bottle of wine and in excitement decide to capture Guddu. The three of them have a fight with minor injuries. Guddu is finally back

Kaleen bhaiya is furious at Munna and Sharad. Beena visits her maternal home but sees Guddu and Golu.These 3 begin work to bring the Tripathis down. Munna hooks up with Madhuri Guddu is winning hearts of rural people by trashing criminals. Shabnam goes on a date with Guddu. Maqbool takes care of Babur for his betrayal. With Beena's help , Guddu and golu enter mirzapur again

Guddu and Golu set the Tripathis gun factory on fire. Mrs. Pandit is concerned about Dimpy and they both share grief of Bablu's death. Munna and Madhuri are set to get married ,with ulterior motives.Guddu collaborates with JP ,who is mad at his brother for getting close to Akhanda. Munna tells Madhuri that he doesnt want her and the marriage is just for namessake.

Download Mirzapur Season 2 All Episodes In HD Quality


Download Mirzapur Season 2 All Episodes In HD Quality